Why Use a Travel Agent?

Booking Yourself vs. Using a Travel Agent

Why should you ask an agent at Gomega Travel to help you plan your travel adventure?

So many people now enjoy making their own travel plans. They love all the research to find that perfect destination and resort. But most people don’t know that unless they call the airline directly and book directly with the hotel, they are still using a travel agency when they book online!

At Gomega Travel we encourage you to still do many of the activities that you enjoy – researching & asking friends and family for their opinions, but we highly encourage you to then come to us to confirm all of your plans.

This is your special trip and in a lot of cases, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event: a honeymoon, a destination wedding or a trip around the world (or even one nearby), so why would you NOT trust it to a professional?

At Gomega Travel we always present the best VALUE.  We always try to work within your budget, and we’ll give you options when we know of a special value that we think you would enjoy.

Personal Advocate When you book yourself who do you turn to if you run into complications? To have the best possible travel experience, you have to be flexible because there are almost always issues that come up:  a lost reservation by the front desk, or a wrong room assignment, a cancelled flight or weather delay – any number of things can happen and if you’ve done the booking yourself, you have no one to advocate on your behalf.  We are there for you prior to, during and after travel. Just give us a call & we’ll get it all straightened out!

Stress relievers Planning a tour, a wedding, or a honeymoon – any kind of travel experience (whether at home or in an exotic locale) can be stressful. We can make all the travel arrangements for you and reduce your frustration. The research for your vacation is fun, but when you have so many details to look after it can become just another item on your long list!

Time savers When time is short and you’re tired of working through all of the options, call us or come by to see us.  We’ll listen to your needs and desires. We’ll suggest options based on what we hear from you and then we will do all of the work and manage all of the details of your dream honeymoon, destination wedding, cruise or tour so that you can concentrate on everything else. We take care of all the details – it’s what we do best!

We really CAN Save you Money! Sticking to your budget can be hard. We also assist you in avoiding costly mistakes. Because we book travel arrangements repeatedly every day of the week, we know what to look for and how to save money.  We can find special rates and deals for you through our sources that you can’t find on the internet.

Customized Itineraries At Gomega Travel we provide you with the options that are best suited and customized for you! Many online sites provide a basic menu that appeals to the general public and you have to choose one of their options. They can only load a limited number of specials onto their site. They try to steer you to the properties where they’ll make the most commission – after all you’re a one-time sale to them.

But we want to get to know you and for you to know us.  We don’t just want an internet relationship!  So we will work to provide you with the best arrangements for the sites you want to see at the best price available.  We want you to be so happy that you will come back to Omega for many years to come.

Experience Matters Trying to book the absolute lowest price trip can have serious consequences when you’re planning your vacation! When you look back over your honeymoon, do you think you would rather have the $200 you saved if the results are so bad that it causes you to have a terrible time?  Or would you rather celebrate the fantastic memories you create by avoiding the pitfalls with wise counsel from an experienced travel professional? The lowest price is not always in your best interest! Just as one example – A $100.00 difference in price may mean the difference from one layover or 3 layovers! Those layovers could lead to real problems with luggage, delays, missed flights etc. Let us help you benefit from our experience and expertise when it comes to your travel experience!

Why not schedule your free consultation with us?  Call us today at 281-363-3659 and let us help you plan a great travel experience for you and your friends and family!